[BioPython] How's the biopython site constructed? Do you use Zope?

Andrew Dalke dalke@bioreason.com
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 12:49:31 -0600

Jeff's response to Skip:
> I've been interested in looking at Zope for some time, actually.
> We'll need its database capabilities as the site grows and management
> gets more difficult.  But unfortunately, I won't have time to look
> into it for the few months.  Anybody?

I'm afraid I agree with Jeff on this.  Currently I barely have
time for answering emails to the biopython list, much less write
new code :(

I see Skip's comment to ask for help the Zope list, but even that
requires some more time than I have.

However, I really want to look at using Zope for even more general
work than maintaining the web page.  I think there's some very
good potential for showing how to use biopython code (once there
*is* code) in setting up some sort of sequence analysis/database
web server with persistant session information.

Sigh -- for want of time.  Ahem; anyone want to pay me lots of money
to have fun like this <grin>