[Biopython-dev] Reproducible Biopython VM images

Tiago Antao tra at popgen.net
Tue Mar 24 15:06:17 UTC 2015

Hi Christian and all,

Glad that you like it.

If people want to use this, I am fine with the idea.
As I said, I currently have 3 containers (times 2 for the Python

The test one is, I think just for us doing integration testing
(buildbot). I would not publicize it much (only on the dev pages).

The basic one, I think is fine. It allows direct ssh into a Biopython
environment complete with almost all binaries.

The tutorial one is also fine, though I still have to finalize the
porting of the Tutorial to notebooks (in truth, I think the Tutorial
should be adapted to the notebook environment).

I think there should be a fourth container which is basically the basic
with a IPython Notebook interface on top. This is trivial to produce
and could take care of it.

Again, I am fine with whatever you all decide what to do. For instance
Peter's suggestion is cool, probably with some change to the docs so
that people know that this exists...


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