[Biopython-dev] UniProt GOA parser

Venkatesan Aravind.Venkatesan at lirmm.fr
Wed Jun 4 14:09:23 UTC 2014

Hello all,
I am new to Biopython. I need to parse a couple of GAF files provided by 
Gramene database (http://gramene.org/),  they contain associations for 
genes and qtl  to gene ontology but also to plant ontology, trait 
ontology (gaf 1.0 format). Is the parser uniport specific or is it a 
generic parser for GAF files. Your inputs are very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Aravind Venkatesan
Post-doctoral Researcher,
Computational Biology Institute,
Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics of Montpellier (LIRMM),

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