[Biopython-dev] New contributor

Andrea Rizzi 88whacko at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 16:49:48 UTC 2013

My name is Andrea Rizzi and I'm a master's student in computer science and
computational biology. I would be glad to help you developing biopython.
I've used the library quite extensively but I'm mostly familiar with
handling sequences, MSAs and PDB files.

I've read through the small contributing guide on the wiki and on the
tutorial and I thought I could start with something relatively
straightforward like writing/completing some unit tests (if I understood
correctly there's a fairly strong need for them). I've good knowledge of
both git and unittest. Anyway any task is actually fine to me :) .

If you agree I'll try to look for a module that needs some more testing (or
maybe you have one to suggest me), otherwise I could just go to the bug
tracker and try to help out fixing some bugs.

-- Andrea

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