[Biopython-dev] Coming soon: BOSC/Broad Hackathon, SciPy Bioinformatics, BOSC Codefest

Brad Chapman chapmanb at 50mail.com
Fri Mar 1 02:25:42 UTC 2013

Hi all; 
There are some upcoming coding events and conferences of interest to open source
biology programmers:

- BOSC/Broad Interoperability Hackathon -- This is a two day coding session at
  the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA on April 7-8 focused on improving tool
  Sign up and details: http://j.mp/XJT6ew
- SciPy 2013 -- The Scientific Python conference is June 26-27 in Austin and has
  a Bioinformatics mini-symposia this year. They're doing some great work like
  IPython, NumPy, SciPy and scikit-learn; and this is a nice opportunity to reach a
  new set of like minded programmers and expand the open source bioinformatics
  Bioinformatics mini-symposia: http://j.mp/Z4xxXB
  Abstract details: http://conference.scipy.org/scipy2013/about.php
- Codefest at the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference -- This year BOSC is
  taking place in Berlin from July 19-20 and we'll have a two day coding session
  before the conference. This is the 4th year of Codefests and they've proven to
  be a productive and fun time to work collectively on open source projects.

  Sign up and details: http://www.open-bio.org/wiki/Codefest_2013
  BOSC conference: http://www.open-bio.org/wiki/BOSC_2013

Here are the key dates for the events and abstracts:

March   20, 2013: SciPy abstracts due
April  7-8, 2013: BOSC/Broad Interoperability Hackathon, Cambridge, MA
April   12, 2013: BOSC abstracts due
June 24-29, 2013: SciPy in Austin, TX
July 17-18, 2013: Codefest 2013, Berlin
July 19-20, 2013: BOSC 2013, Berlin

Looking forward to seeing everyone this spring and summer for plenty of fun
science and code,

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