[Biopython-dev] pypaml

Brad Chapman chapmanb at 50mail.com
Wed Jun 15 11:54:25 UTC 2011


> Ok I've just sent the email to the main list.

Awesome, thanks for this. Hope this convinces some other folks to
take a look.

> I can write up some documentation this week. What is the official
> procedure for adding documentation to the wiki, if any? Or can I just
> create an account and start writing?

Create an account and start writing. Nothing official except that
documentation is good.

> Also, just to double-check, are my docstrings all sufficient or should
> I expand those?

Your code comments looked great to me. The end user documentation
seems to be the main thing at this point: describing how someone can
pick up and get started with the code.

Thanks again for all the work,

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