[Biopython-dev] pypaml

Brandon Invergo b.invergo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 13:23:12 UTC 2011

> Great, thanks for this as well. From my point of view, the only
> thing you need is some documentation to finish it off. It would
> definitely be worthwhile to send it to the main list to see if
> others have feedback. I'm happy to work on merging it in if everyone
> else is agreed.

Ok I've just sent the email to the main list.

I can write up some documentation this week. What is the official
procedure for adding documentation to the wiki, if any? Or can I just
create an account and start writing?
Also, just to double-check, are my docstrings all sufficient or should
I expand those?

Lastly, I've been having trouble trying to merge the upstream repo
with my master branch using
$ git pull upstream master
(I have set the upstream to the biopython repo as described in the wiki)
The connection routinely times out. This is on my lab computer,
though, which is behind a proxy that always causes troubles. I'll try
again from my home computer this evening. Just thought I'd mention it
for now...


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