[Biopython-dev] Tested Fixup branch for Bio.PDB

Kristian Rother krother at rubor.de
Tue Jun 8 09:59:43 UTC 2010

Hi Eric,

I've checked out your pdbfixes branch and ran our 431 Unit Tests of
ModeRNA with it. There were no changes to the master Bio.PDB branch -->
for us everything OK.

ModeRNA (http://www.genesilico.pl/moderna) engineers RNA 3D structures and
uses Bio.PDB for most of its operations: reading files,
adding/copying/manipulating residues/atoms, superimposing structures,
searching neighbors by KDTree, writing files.

Right, the tests most probably did not depend directly on the code you
changed, but as I understand you wanted to go sure the branch didnt break
anything by accident.

Best Regards,

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