[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2480] Local BLAST fails: Spaces in Windows file-path values

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Mon May 19 21:36:42 UTC 2008


------- Comment #14 from drpatnaik at yahoo.com  2008-05-19 17:36 EST -------
(continuing comment #13)

  23. r'"C:\Documents and Settings\patnaik\My Documents\blast\bin\mine"'
  24. '"C:\\Documents and Settings\\patnaik\\My Documents\\blast\\bin\\mine"'
  25. '\\"C:\\Documents and Settings\\patnaik\\My
  26. r"\"C:\Documents and Settings\patnaik\My Documents\blast\bin\mine\""
  27. r"'\"C:\Documents and Settings\patnaik\My Documents\blast\bin\mine\"'"

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