[Biopython-dev] hey biopython devs ...

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Sat Mar 11 20:00:33 UTC 2006

Some server and site news for you ...

Our hosting time at Wyeth is coming to an end very shortly which now  
forces us to greatly speed up our planned transition to the new OBF  
server hardware sitting in our other Boston area datacenter.

I've just completed moving all mailing lists off of the old  
portal.open-bio.org server. All OBF lists are hosted off of "http:// 
lists.open-bio.org" now and the python lists were the last to be  
moved (a few minutes ago).   Until biopython can move its website to  
the new server, the website will no longer be on the same machine as  
the mailing list and mailing list archive. I've left behind aliases  
on the old server to catch and forward list related messages.

This brings me to the other issue -- moving your website. Can you  
elect someone among yourselves to work with me on moving  
biopython.org entirely over to the new servers? I want to be able to  
work with someone who knows where everything is and can test things  
out once the transition is complete.


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