[Biopython-dev] biopython programmer

Jan Zimmermann jara.zimmermann at seznam.cz
Thu Mar 9 23:41:04 UTC 2006


my name is Jan Zimmermann and I'm a student of Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Czech Republic. Now I'm choosing a topic of my bachelor's work. For this work I have 14 months (till May 2007). I'd be interested to create any new part of Biopython. If you are intrested in my offer please send me part of your TODO List, so that I can choose, what I could program.

my interests:
* AI
* genetic algorithms
* neural networks
* machine learning

my programing skills
* Delphi, PHP, mySQL, C, C++, Java, UNIX shell script, Prolog, Scheme, Haskel, Python (I've begun to study)...
* experiences of team programing

Thanks for reply.


Jan Zimmermann

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