[Biopython-dev] uniprot release 49/biopython script no longer work

gould at embl.de gould at embl.de
Thu Feb 9 04:37:07 EST 2006


I've been having problems with some of our applications here that use biopython
scripts to retrieve a record from uniprot/swissprot given an accession
nr/ID....As far as I'm aware the problem only occurred after the release 49.0
of uniprot/swissprot db yesterday...I see from the release notes that some
changes were made to the annotation format and suspect this is why the
biopython scripts are no longer happy??....I've checked to make sure I have the
latest version of biopython but this has not remedied the problem.....This
problem would seem to lie with biopython but I was wondering if you
are aware of this problem and if any fix is to be made available??


Kate Gould

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Gibson Team
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