[Biopython-dev] Japanese translation of Tutorial & Cookbook

Yasushi MASUDA ymasuda at ethercube.com
Thu Nov 18 19:59:27 EST 2004

Dear biopyhon-dev Team,

I am a biopython user in Japan and pleased to tell you that a draft 
version of Japanese translation for "Biopython Tutorial & Cookbook" 
has been finished by Japanese uses (Takashi Ishida, Toshiya Sakai and 

Currently we are releasing HTML/PDF versions of the document at:


under the Biopython Licence Agreement. (since I could not find 
copyright and licence notice in the original document, I put 
that on Introduction chapter in our translated version.)

If you have any problems, or any idea for better place of the 
doucment and its source, please let me know.

Biopython is very cool and powerful, and I hope it catches much more 
Japanese users (and worldwide, of course!)  :)

Yasushi Masuda

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