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miehe at mail.ipk-gatersleben.de miehe at mail.ipk-gatersleben.de
Wed Mar 31 11:41:51 EST 2004


The parser expression for blastn defined in Bio.expressions.blast.ncbiblast.py
is broken for version BLASTN 2.2.8 [Jan-05-2004] (and even for the older
BLASTN 2.2.6 [Apr-09-2003]).
In the output is an additional 'hsp_info' section, which was not defined in the
blastn expression. This could be patched in one line.

Here I send you the diff to the current CVS version.
*** 441,444 ****
--- 441,445 ----
                   gap_penalties_stats +
                   generic_info1 +
+                  Opt(hsp_info) +
                   generic_info2 +
                   t_info +

With best regards,

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