[Biopython-dev] aaindex1

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Tue Apr 6 18:12:23 EDT 2004

Hey Iddo;

> I wrote a module for parsing the aaindex1 database. 

Sweet. Good stuff. Thanks much.

> This module contains the following classes:
> AAIndex1Record: holds the information from a single aaindex1 entry
> AAIndex1Reader: parses the aaindex1 file
> and one ustility which reads the aaindex1 file and returns a dictionary 
> of entries.
> Should I open a new directory under Bio/AAIndex1, or is there a more 
> appropriate place for this?

Can we use Bio/AAIndex instead of AAIndex1? I'm not sure I really
understand what the 1 signifies but it just seems a bit weird to me
for no really good reason. Other than that, checking it in under
there sounds great. If there's a good reason for using AAIndex1
(like there is an AAIndex2 or something else) just tell me and do
what you think it best.

Oh yeah, and where is my documentation for Alphabet/Reduced.py? I'm
gonna have to send my "documentation collection" agency out to see
you pretty soon :-).

Thanks again!

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