[Biopython-dev] OligoPython for Affymetrix data

Harry Zuzan iliketobicycle at yahoo.ca
Sat Apr 3 15:09:45 EST 2004


A short while back I asked if there was an interest in code for
handling Affymetrix data.  The answer was yes, so I put together a
simple module for reading in an Affymetrix cel file.  The data parsed
from the cel file are then available in the form of Numeric arrays.

There is a complementary module that encapsulates these data and makes
them much more useful but it is more complex so I thought I'd find my
BioPython legs with this simple module.  I need to work on an install
script, better documentation, better error handling and an alpha
version number.  I also need to make Makefile for the C++ module
friendly to more users.

The code is at www.oligopython.org.  I'm calling it OligoPython until
it is in the BioPython cvs tree.  The OligoPython license is the
BioPython license verbatim except for the heading.

Since I am unfamiliar with cvs and writing Python install scripts and
writing Makefiles that compile under many versions of unix, I would
appreciate any help integrating this module with BioPython so that I
can add another important module soon.

I'm hoping that there will be interest in this so any feedback is



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