[Biopython-dev] Biopython 1.22 available

Jeffrey Chang jefftc at stanford.edu
Thu Oct 9 23:18:44 EDT 2003

Hello Everybody,

Biopython 1.22 is now available from the website at:

This is mostly a maintenance release.  The installation process is 
improved, and now distributes Martel and DTD files correctly.  The 
changes made in this release are:
   Added Peter Slicker's patches for speeding up modules under Python 2.3
   Fixed Martel installation.
   Does not install Bio.Cluster without Numeric.
   Distribute EUtils DTDs.
   Yves Bastide patched NCBIStandalone.Iterator to be Python 2.0 iterator
   Ashleigh's string coersion fixes in Clustalw.
   Yair Benita added precision to the protein molecular weights.
   Bartek updated AlignAce.Parser and added Motif.sim method
   bug fixes in Michiel De Hoon's clustering library
   Iddo's bug fixes to Bio.Enzyme and new RecordConsumer
   Guido Draheim added patches for fixing import path to xbb scripts
   regression tests updated to be Python 2.3 compatible
   GenBank.NCBIDictionary is smarter about guessing the format

As usual, please report bugs to biopython-dev at biopython.org, or the bug 
database also available from the website.


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