[Biopython-dev] mmLib 0.5 Released

Jay Painter jpaint at u.washington.edu
Mon Dec 1 13:42:54 EST 2003


I have just released a new version of mmLib (full description below). 
This version includes a new monomer library based on the RCSB's standard
component library, classes for unit cell calculations, a full space
group library, and a enhanced GUI mmCIF editor written with the PyGTK
toolkit bindings.

Jay Painter

The Python Macromolecular Library (mmLib) is a software toolkit and
library of routines for the analysis and manipulation of macromolecular
structural models, implemented in the Python programming language. It is
accessed via a layered, object-oriented application programming
interface, and provides a range of useful software components for
parsing mmCIF, PDB, and MTZ files, a library of atomic elements and
monomers, an object-oriented data structure describing biological
macromolecules, and an OpenGL molecular viewer. The mmLib data model is
designed to provide easy access to the various levels of detail needed
to implement high-level application programs for macromolecular
crystallography, NMR, modeling, and visualization. This includes
specialized classes for proteins, DNA, amino acids, and nucleic acids.
Also included is a extensive monomer library, element library, and
specialized classes for performing unit cell calculations combined with
a full space group library.

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