[Biopython-dev] ScriptCentral

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Mon Dec 1 09:10:37 EST 2003

Hi Rasmus;

> I have written you before about possibly joining up to the BioPython
> project. I am from the CCPN project (http://www.ccpn.ac.uk/index.html).
> We do not think we could do that at the moment, but we would be interested
> in putting a link to our web page in the ScriptCentral, if possible.
> Clearly I need to join up, somehow, to get a userID and password.

That would be great. The ScriptCentral page is editable from the web
with the username 'biopython' and the password 'user' (no quotes on
both). From there you can click 'Edit this page' and then 'Add New'
and you can go forward and enter the contact information about the
page. If you have any problems at all, feel free to send your
information (Name, Author, URL and Description) to me and I'd be
happy to add it.

Thanks! Hope this helps.

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