[Biopython-dev] MetaTool

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Mon Sep 10 22:08:50 EDT 2001

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From: "Tarjei Mikkelsen" <tarjei at genome.wi.mit.edu>
>  What I'm envisioning is simply a function/class that converts a system
> object into a string or text file that can be used directly as the input
> to Metatool.

  I was thinking of the output.  You may for example want to check if an
elementary mode matches a  pathway.
in a  frog.  Pathways, elementary modes, basis vectors, etc,  all look the
same to the metatool parser, .  They are stored as matrices.  I don't se why
they couldn't all be mixed and matched in a search query..  But they would
need to be converted to a format the search engine understands.

>  I haven't looked at your Metatool module in detail, but unless you
> already have a comprehensive method for interfacing with the input side
> of Metatool there shouldn't be any need for retrofitting to do this.
  No I just parse  the output of Metatool.  The parser may have to change
with new revs of MetaTool though.


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