[Biopython-dev] MetaTool

Tarjei Mikkelsen tarjei at genome.wi.mit.edu
Sun Sep 9 19:11:16 EDT 2001

>>  Next, I intend to use these classes to implement the missing part
>> my KEGG parser - the reaction database. Then I'd like to write a
>> from the pathway classes to Metatool. Combined with your output
>> this would give us a complete "vertical slice" from database
>> through the pathway classes to an analysis program.
>   I may need to retrofit some MetaTool classes to fit your classes.  
>  Please share your ideas on what's needed for the MetaTool end of 
>  the bridge.

 What I'm envisioning is simply a function/class that converts a system
object into a string or text file that can be used directly as the input
to Metatool.

 I haven't looked at your Metatool module in detail, but unless you
already have a comprehensive method for interfacing with the input side
of Metatool there shouldn't be any need for retrofitting to do this.

 How does that sound?


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