[Biopython-dev] mxTextools install and biopython 2.1

Andrew Dalke adalke at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 25 04:18:57 EDT 2001

Peter Wilkinson:
>Does anyone know why the mxTexttools is strangely configures? If
>Python 2.1 comes with Martel, and we install Biopython in the root of the
>install as Bio:

ActiveState Python comes with Martel?  That's news to me!
I suspect that's a typo, and you meant "comes with mxTextTools."
Here's the list of extensions shipped with their Python 2.1

I don't know anything about that distribution so I can't give
you any pointers about it.

>How is mxTexttools supposed to be linked up properly, how and where is it
>installed?  I had a problem with my install and I had to redo it. I can not
>figure it out.

What went wrong?  If it comes with ActiveState Python then it should
just work.  If you're installing mxTextTools from scratch, it should
be a matter of following the instructures.  It's distutils enabled,
right?  (Just checked.  Yes.)  So "python setup.py install" should
do things just fine.

It gets installed in the standard installation location.  On Unix
machines it's something like
(where the "/usr/local" comes from the installation prefix and
is usually "/usr" for Linux boxes, and where the "2.1" comes
from the Python version number.)

(There are a few other places it could be installed which would
still work.  They are almost never used.)

Just copy&paste your work session.  That should be enough for
me or someone else on the list to figure out what's munged up.

                    dalke at dalkescientific.com

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