[Bioperl-l] Moving ModuleBuildBioperl and BioperlTest to Bio::Root

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Mon Dec 8 11:46:04 EST 2008

On Dec 8, 2008, at 9:57 AM, Sendu Bala wrote:

> It's been suggested by others and has annoyed me since the 1.5.2  
> release, so I've now made the appropriate changes to  
> ModuleBuildBioperl and BioperlTest to make them part of the core  
> package to be installed as the new modules Bio::Root::Build and  
> Bio::Root::Test. t/lib/Test/Warn/Bioperl.pm also becomes  
> Bio::Root::TestWarn.

Yay!  One small bit: Should we make that Bio::Root::Test::Warn (in  
case we wanted to extend with other Test-related modules)?

> This then allows all other bioperl packages like bioperl-run etc. to  
> just use those modules (since they already depend on Bio::Root::Root  
> in core package, these modules must have been installed), rather  
> than the current situation of having the build and test modules  
> duplicated in each package, which isn't so nice maintenance-wise.
> The main change needed is changing all the test scripts (again) to  
> use the new module name, but that's trivial and can be automated.  
> (I'll do it, it would only take a few seconds)
> Before I go ahead and commit, please feedback with any concerns or  
> suggestions. I don't anticipate this being contentious, so I'll  
> probably commit later today or tomorrow.

Works for me.  I tried this out but ran into small problems with lack  
of Test::Warn with one module using warning_like and didn't have time  
to debug it; it was a simple 'use lib' issue though.


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