[Bioperl-l] Moving ModuleBuildBioperl and BioperlTest to Bio::Root

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Mon Dec 8 10:57:37 EST 2008

It's been suggested by others and has annoyed me since the 1.5.2 
release, so I've now made the appropriate changes to ModuleBuildBioperl 
and BioperlTest to make them part of the core package to be installed as 
the new modules Bio::Root::Build and Bio::Root::Test. 
t/lib/Test/Warn/Bioperl.pm also becomes Bio::Root::TestWarn.

This then allows all other bioperl packages like bioperl-run etc. to 
just use those modules (since they already depend on Bio::Root::Root in 
core package, these modules must have been installed), rather than the 
current situation of having the build and test modules duplicated in 
each package, which isn't so nice maintenance-wise.

The main change needed is changing all the test scripts (again) to use 
the new module name, but that's trivial and can be automated. (I'll do 
it, it would only take a few seconds)

Before I go ahead and commit, please feedback with any concerns or 
suggestions. I don't anticipate this being contentious, so I'll probably 
commit later today or tomorrow.

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