[BioPython] BioCM

Cristian Sebastian Rocha crocha at dc.uba.ar
Thu Sep 9 14:39:32 EDT 2004

Hi everybody,

I just start the registry of a new project in Sourceforge.org. The
following is a simple description of it. If you think it´s usefull for
you, please join to the proyect: I need help! I will upload the code to
the CVS of sourceforge when the proyect be available.


Project Information

1. Submitter: csrocha

2. Project UNIX Name: biocm

3. Project Descriptive Name: Biological Content Management

4. License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

License other:

5. Project Description: BioCM is Biological Content Manager: a
Zope/Plone/Biopython product to manage, share and publish biological
annotations on the web.

6. Registration Description: Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology
Laboratories requires access to databases and scripts to manipulate big
repositories of biological information. Usually each bioinformatics and
biologists researchers populate local databases/filesystems with a reduced
set of biological information without share and content search capacities.
These result is a non optimized use of recurses with thousand of copy of
information (one of each researcher) in the local filesystems for each
bioinformatics laboratories, and a heavy process to synchronize data
between researchers. Exists tools, as NTI-Vector (not GNU), with workgroup
capacities can´t publish the results on the web: an important feature for
laboratories who want to share they results with others. The main aim of
this proyect is to build a workgroup tool to manage biological
informaction with web publishing capacities. That is possible using
Zope/Plone workgroup and web publishing features. Biopython is the tool to
manage of biological information in a easy way.

Lic. Cristian S. Rocha
Universidad de Buenos Aires, FCEyN,
Departamento de Computación.

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