[BioPython] Installing Biopython, where is the Makefile?

Sebastian Bassi sbassi at asalup.org
Thu Sep 2 00:49:03 EDT 2004

> I just tried to compile Biopython on my computer. KDTree is actually one
> of the
> last extension modules to be compiled; several others (for example
> Bio.Cluster)
> are compiled before setup.py reaches KDTree. Did any errors or warnings
> appear
> for the extension modules that are compiled before KDTree?

I am at the hotel now, tomorrow I will check it back in my workplace.
I THINK (NOT SURE!!) there were more complains like this and I got only
the last one for the sake of not sending to much program output to the
Just to get the job done, I cp the /bio and /biodb tree from a working
installation (32bits) to this AMD64 computer, and IT WORKED!!! (thanks AMD
for making it backward compatible with i686!). It is not the best
solution, but at least could make the server work (I had several programs
wroten who depends on Biopython).
Anyway I will check this tomorrow morning.

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