[BioPython] help with cgi in python

clee@spiralis.merseine.nu clee@spiralis.merseine.nu
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:59:19 -0600

Brad Chapman writes:
 > Hi Ravinderl
 > > I've used perl for cgi in the past. I'm convinced that python is simpler
 > > to use. So I thought I should switch to python. However, things are not
 > > working as expected. As an example, I've a file text.cgi which has
 > > permission for everyone to execute (chmod +x test.cgi). 
 > [....]
 > > Now when click submit, I get the following message:
 > > -----------------------------------------------------------------
 > > Internal Server Error
 > [....]

Looks like a httpd misconfiguration, perhaps it's not allowed to
execute /usr/local/bin/python?

BTW: Do you have the cgitb.py module?  (http://web.lfw.org/python/)

It will catch errors and print out informative debugging information
in html.