[EMBOSS] EMBOSS 6.3.0 released

ajb at ebi.ac.uk ajb at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jul 15 06:18:06 EDT 2010

EMBOSS 6.3.0 is now available and can be downloaded from
our ftp server:


The associated (optional) EMBASSY packages are in the same directory.

mEMBOSS, the native Microsoft windows port, can be downloaded from the


This release provides a platform for further application development.

Some highlights include:

    Network access to BioMart, Ensembl and general SQL databases
    Support for BAM/SAM files
    Parsing and validation for NCBI taxonomy and OBO files
    Scaleable graphics options
    Rabin-Karp multi-pattern search algorithm implemented
    EDAM ontology identifiers added

Full details are in the attached ChangeLog


There are some new optional steps in the installation.

     To enable PDF graphics support you will need to
     have installed the libhpdf development files (a.k.a. libharu, source
     available via libharu.org).
     To enable MySQL and/or PostgreSQL support their
     development files will need to have been installed.

     For example, under Linux RPM systems the packages would
     typically be called libharu-devel, mysql-devel & postgresql-devel.

     Such installations need to be performed prior to
     the EMBOSS configuration step. The configuration will
     automatically include support for the above if the relevant
     files are detected.

For Windows (mEMBOSS):
     No action is required.
     PDF and MySQL support DLLs are included by the installation.

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