[Biopython] Getting 'raw_score' of a Blast hit

Adam Sjøgren asjo at koldfront.dk
Thu Jan 11 12:15:16 UTC 2018


Peter writes:

> Each of the HSPs will have its own raw score - it that not what you want?

To be honest: I wasn't sure; I am porting pieces of old code, trying to
match it as much as possible, more or less with my head under my arm.

I see now that we use hsp.score in other similar places, so I think I
can use hsp.score and be done with it.

(It is a different value, though, right?)

> Also you might find Bio.SearchIO more future proof over using Bio.Blast
> (the later offers a more generic interface covering HMMER etc as well).

Thanks for the hint, I'll have to look into why my colleague chose

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