[BioPython] Biopython choosing a logo!

Jeffrey Chang jefftc at stanford.edu
Thu Jun 12 23:04:31 EDT 2003

Hey everybody,

If you've been following the list in the past few weeks, you've no 
doubt noticed all the traffic going back and forth about designing 
logos.  So, it's now time to get the voting under way!  To refresh your 
memory, the logos are available at:

For the final logo, we will need at least versions for:
- slides
- webpage
- icon

If the logo is animated, we will also need non-animated version.

Currently in the running are:
Iddo Friedberg
Leighton Pritchard
Andreas Kuntzagk
JP Glutting
Catherine Letondal
Sep Dadsetan
Gyro Funch
Runsun Pan
Thomas Hamelryck

If you are not on the list and should be, please let me know.  If you 
would like to withdraw your entry, let me know as well.

So here's how we are going to do it.  We will have one week of 
discussion, in case you want to finalize your logo, give someone 
suggestions, etc.  Next Thursday (June 19), I will send a ballot out to 
this list with all the contenders.  Please send the ballots back to me 
(or this list) on Thursday June 26, and I will tally the results!

We will do this by instant run-off voting.  How this works, is you rank 
all the logos that you like.  You can rank as many as you want -- 1 to 
N.  Once all the votes are in, I'll iteratively elimate the one with 
the least 1st ranked votes until there is only 1 logo left.  If there 
is a tie, we will have a runoff.

Good luck everybody!  It's awesome that we have so many good entries!


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