[BioPython] bioperl idl

Andrew Dalke dalke@bioreason.com
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 22:14:02 -0600

Oops!  Forgot a couple of comments

You didn't specific if the zero of the coordinate system is
0 (the way Knuth intended ) or 1 (the way Watson intended).

(Insert your own names for Knuth and Watson :)

I have a strong preference for 0.

You also didn't say how "end" was defined, if it is inclusive
or exclusive.  That is, if the sequence is

and start = 1 and end = 3, do you get:

  AND   <-- biologist's way?
  AN    <-- OMB's way?
   ND   <-- Python's way
             python -c 'print "ANDREW"[1:3]'
   NDR  <-- Perl's way
             perl -e '@a=split(//, "ANDREW"); print @a[1..3], "\n";'
            or is that better written as ?
             perl -e 'print ((split(//, "ANDREW"))[1..3], "\n")'
            or ... ???

You can guess which one I prefer :)

Any way will make someone unhappy, so there's no perfect solution.