[BioPython] Logo and More Code

Bradley Marshall bradbioperl@yahoo.com
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 15:12:28 -0700 (PDT)


It just struck me that a good biopython logo would be two pythons
wrapped (curled?) into a double helix.  Any graphic designers?



I'm going to repost my code for a seq object at :


I'm looking for any comments on:

1) am I doing inheritance right?  ie when SeqRegion inherits from
Interval, should I call interval's constructor or ovverride it?

2)  Where should SeqAnnotationIterator go?  Right now it's a function
of seq (well, I called it pyDNA1, but you know...)  

3)  should the list of SeqAnnotations be part of the seq object?  I
don't know where else it'd go.

4)  Am I remotely on the right track?  I mean it works, but am I
following the idl well? (other than having a lot of things misnamed) 
Specifically, the idl doesn't really say where the
SEqANnotationIterator would go.  It doesn't say where the annotation
list would go.  I guess that's because these things wouldn't be in the interfaces?
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