[BioPython] Me first!

Bradley Marshall bradbioperl@yahoo.com
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 16:13:22 -0700 (PDT)


According to the archives, I'm the first one on the list with an
interesting post (although I suppose that depends on whether the
archives are correct and what you consider interesting.)

I have the following suggestions for the up and coming sequence object:

1)  compatability with the LSR's BSA proposal to the OMG.  (I don't
have the URL and I can't get it because my netscape always crashes when
it hits java)

2)  Pure python implementation (no c modules) so it retains the
possibility of being compiled into java with jpython (So I can crash my
browser more.)

3)  Annotated sequences.  Although this is in the BSA proposal.

4)  Seperate amino acid and nucleic acid classes.  This is also in the

5)  Make the links on the web site work.  They all sound so promising! 
-To that end I'm gonna go dig up some link to python software.


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