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Issue #2759 has been updated by Peter Cock.

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OK, marking as resolved. Thanks all.

Bug #2759: Unit test for Bio.PDB.HSExposure

* Author: Peter Cock
* Status: Resolved
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: Biopython Dev Mailing List
* Category: Unit Tests
* Target version: Not Applicable
* URL: 
Prompted by looked at the example script hsexpo, I've written a unittest based test for the Bio.PDB.HSExposure.

I haven't checked it in yet because it prints out looks of warnings to stderr about oddities in the PDB file.  We could either add a clean PDB file to the examples, or do something with the stderr.

Note that the print-and-compare style test_PDB.py deals this this itself.  Perhaps run_tests.py should do something similar for the unittest based cases.

See also Bug 2754 which would actually make Bio.PDB print even more warnings to stderr.

test_PDB_HSExposure.py (4.29 KB)
biopdbtest.py (4.79 KB)
biopdbtest.py (8.88 KB)
biopdbtest.py (9.16 KB)

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