[Biopython-dev] How do I get started developing the Biopython library ?

Charles Stockman chuck.stockman at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 24 03:12:24 UTC 2016


I want to get into open source development

I have been a programmer for over 10 years primarily using Java, but I wish to branch out into other languages.  Also, I am starting to rekindle my interest in biology.

My problem is the following: How do I get started with project.  What would be some good bugs for me to start fixing?  After fixing some bugs and learning my way around 
the library what would be other opportunities ?

What I have done was 

	Downloaded the Biopython Library and ran the basic tests ( only included numpy ).
	Search the mailing , but did not find many emails about getting started or development
	Looked at the Active Projects Page in the blog and the page was last dated in 2014.  I was not sure if the projects were still valid.
	Attempted a google search.

Thank you for your help
Charles Stockman 

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