[Biopython-dev] Documentation Status

Peter Cock p.j.a.cock at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 14 09:48:50 UTC 2014

Hi Yanbo,

Translations are an interesting case - some of the tutorial was also
translated into Japanese once, but this work often goes out of date :(
Using LaTeX it would be possible to embed alternative versions
into the same file - even at a chapter or section level (you can have
conditional blocks with if statements - so new sections could be in
English only initially while waiting for translation). I don't think you
can do this with Sphinx - or can you?


P.S. The source files for the Chinese translation is here, plus a port
of the LaTeX tutorial into *.rst:

On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Yanbo Ye <yeyanbo289 at gmail.com> wrote:
> For the Tutorial of Sphinx, here is a Chinese version that we translated
> last year. All format seems ok, including  equations, chapter hyperlinks,
> references, etc. But it cannot pass the pdf compiling process on
> readthedocs.  I'm not a expert on this. Maybe someone can give it a try.
> http://biopython-cn.readthedocs.org/zh_CN/latest/index.html

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