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Anyone planning on attending?
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> Dear all,
> apologies if you receive this multiple times.
> We are glad to announce that we are organising the European edition of
> the OBF Codefest, which will take place on September 18th and 19th at
> the EBI in Hinxton, UK. This is the second OBF Codefest this year, the
> first was held this month in Boston just before the BOSC and ISMB
> conferences and in September we will have the chance to expand and
> carry on the work and discussions started in July in the USA.
> The EU Codefest will precede the Genome
> Informatics Conference in Cambridge, so we hope that developers
> attending the main conference will be also interested in joining us
> for a couple of days of coding and discussions on collaborative
> projects and new ideas. The main topics that were proposed so far are:
> * The OpenBio projects development (BioPerl, BioPython, BioRuby, BioJava)
> * Semantic web technologies for biological data (e.g. RDF, OWL)
> * Software deployment and bioinformatics pipelines, including
> CloudBiolinux, Docker and GNU GUIX
> * NoSQL databases and NGS data mining
> * Biological data visualisation with e.g. D3/JS and BioJS.
> We of course invite attendees to add other topics of interest.
> For more information, you can visit the OBF Wiki page, which includes
> also information on accommodation and registration:
> http://www.open-bio.org/wiki/EU-Codefest_2014
> If you plan to attend, please use the link in the registration section
> and complete the simple steps on the EBI website, so that
> we can be aware of the total number of attendees and arrange the
> organisation accordingly. Registration is also completely free.
> We will be grateful if you could also share this announce over your
> network and social media, this will help spreading the word.
> Thanks and we hope to see many of you in September!
> Francesco Strozzi
> James Malone
> Raoul Bonnal
> Pjotr Prins
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