[Biopython-dev] Interested in a Phenotype Microarray parser?

Marco Galardini marco.galardini at unifi.it
Tue Jan 7 13:51:44 UTC 2014

Dear biopythoners,

will you be interested in the addition of a PM data files parser in 
Biopython? Such phenotypic data should be widely used in microbial 
experiments, even though just a few tools/libraries are available to 
parse and analyze such data (so far it's available a R package called 
opm and a python command line tool developed by me, called DuctApe). If 
you think that the ability to parse such files and perform some basic 
analysis (like curve parameters extraction) would be interesting as a 
new feature for biopython, I would very much like to contribute.

If you were interested in such addition, could you pleaseindicate if 
there is any specification on the style guide for the biopython parsers?

Thanks for the amazing work,

Marco Galardini, PhD
Dipartimento di Biologia
Via Madonna del Piano, 6 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

e-mail: marco.galardini at unifi.it
www: http://www.unifi.it/dblage/CMpro-v-p-51.html
phone:  +39 055 4574737
mobile: +39 340 2808041

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