[Biopython-dev] Biopython 1.62 beta release

Peter Cock p.j.a.cock at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 16 09:37:04 UTC 2013

Dear Biopythoneers,

A beta release for Biopython 1.54 is now available for download
and testing - noted that I haven't done a fully detailed release
announcement, we'll leave that for the official release:


Source distributions and Windows installers are available from
the downloads page on the Biopython website.

We are interested in getting feedback on the beta release as
a whole, but especially on Python 3.3 support and the change
to sub-feature handling in EMBL/GenBank parsing for joins.

(At least) 22 people have contributed to this release (so far),
which includes 11 new people:

Alexander Campbell (first contribution)
Andrea Rizzi (first contribution)
Anthony Mathelier (first contribution)
Ben Morris (first contribution)
Brad Chapman
Christian Brueffer
David Arenillas (first contribution)
David Martin (first contribution)
Eric Talevich
Iddo Friedberg
Jian-Long Huang (first contribution)
Joao Rodrigues
Kai Blin
Michiel de Hoon
Nate Sutton (first contribution)
Peter Cock
Petra Kubincová (first contribution)
Phillip Garland
Saket Choudhary (first contribution)
Tiago Antao
Wibowo 'Bow' Arindrarto
Xabier Bello (first contribution)

Our thanks to them, and on behalf of the Biopython team, thank
you for any feedback, bug reports, and contributions from trying
this beta release.



P.S. Biopython news is also on twitter:

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