[Biopython-dev] Numpy/Scipy and Biopython

Diego Zea diego_zea at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Nov 30 13:00:20 UTC 2012

Hi! I were checking the Seq/AlignIO, and I think can be possible avoid the overhead of create Bio objects after Numpy object. Adding an optional función in __init__ with a argument setting in False for default. When this arguments became True, objects based on Numpy are generate too. At the time, maybe can be more easy interchange between simple python objects and numpy based objects. And use all functionality of Bio and fast numerical operations of Numpy arrays... It's only and idea, what do you think? Thanks!!! :)

if ((dx*dp)>=(h/(2*pi)))
printf("Diego Javier Zea\n");

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>Enviado: martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012 11:25
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>This is my firts mail in the list.
>I relative new in BioPython (I used to code more in Perl) but I want to colaborate with the project.
>I did this post in Stackoverflow, and I want to share my question to all of you ;)
>Best wishes,
>if ((dx*dp)>=(h/(2*pi)))
>printf("Diego Javier Zea\n");
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