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Wed Aug 22 00:55:30 UTC 2012

Python is able to connect to D with help of http://pyd.dsource.org/ .

Maybe it would be something for Biopython


On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 5:11 AM, Marjan Povolni <marian.povolny at gmail.com>wrote:

> http://blog.mpthecoder.com/post/29910330225/final-gsoc-report
> *Summary*
> Yesterday I tagged the 0.4 release of gff3-pltools, and that marks the end
> of the summer. At least in GSoC terms. Should I say end of the project? I
> don’t think so. The tools can still be improved, and the Ruby bindings
> should follow.
> The major changes since the last release include the following:
>    - filtering functionality has been moved to a separate utility:
>    gff3-filter, along with a new language for specifying filtering
> expressions,
>    - conversion to table format of selected fields has been moved to a
>    separate utility: gff3-select. However, the —select option is still
> part of
>    gff3-filter,
>    - gff3-ffetch is now fetching FASTA sequences from GFF3 and FASTA files
>    for CDS and mRNA records and features,
>    - man pages for utilities.
> **
> The original idea was to create a GFF3/GTF parser in D and Ruby bindings.
> The Ruby bindings part didn’t work out because there is still no support
> for D shared libraries in Linux, but instead there are now a few useful
> command-line tools for processing GFF3 which can be used without
> programming knowledge.
> To me, the summer was fun, challenging, and a great experience. I even got
> to meet my mentor in person, and other community members too, and to make
> my first steps in bioinformatics. I even gave a small presentation at the
> EU-codefest. What a summer it was!
> Thanks to everybody who made it possible: Google, Open Bioinformatics
> Foundation and my mentor Pjotr Prins.
> --
> Marjan
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