[Biopython-dev] Biograpy 1.0 beta released

Andrea Pierleoni andrea at biocomp.unibo.it
Mon Sep 12 15:34:55 UTC 2011

>> can you send me a link to the license so that I can include it in
>> biograpy?
>> thanks
> The Biopython licence is just:
> http://www.biopython.org/DIST/LICENSE

Yes, I saw that license, but I didn't find any reference to MIT or
anything else, so I was not sure this was the right one...

> If in the medium/long term you'd like to consider incorporating
> this into Biopython, then my recommendation is either use a
> compatible licence now, or ensure you get copyright assignment
> for all code contributions so that you can change the license later.
> My worry is if you use LGPL and take third party author
> contributions, then later wanted to change the license you'd
> need to contact all those 3rd party authors to get their
> permission.

Well we can easily change the license to the BioPython one. This is
intended to be a free  library. the more people can use it, the better,
even for commercial purposes.
BioGraPy can of course be incorporated in BioPython for commodity,
and/or be shipped as a separate package.
Personally I'd prefer to ship also with BioPython so we can be sure
that the right versions are always packed together.
Eg. If you are going to change subfeatures, than a compatible version
of BioGraPy must be used.

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