[Biopython-dev] Test python 2.6

Dragoslav Zaric zaricdragoslav at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 16:28:00 UTC 2010

Dear Peter,

I run

python run_tests.py in Tests folder with python 2.6.2 I got one error
in test file
I open the file and went to line that caused error and it looks like
it is not functional
error, it is just data error, because there is no data for in database
for supplied parameters:

("genome", ["fasta", "gb"], "X52960", 248, "Ktxz0HgMlhQmrKTuZpOxPZJ6zGU")

So I commented this line and leave other two and all tests passed after this.

Anyway, now I am installing python 3.1.2 and will run tests when
finish installation.

Kind regards

Dragoslav Zaric

Professional Programmer
MSc Astrophysics

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