[Biopython-dev] Uniprot XML parser on TrEmbl

Andrea Pierleoni andrea at biocomp.unibo.it
Fri Nov 12 20:45:24 UTC 2010

> We haven't been able to due to the Python 2.4 requirement, but
> I know of people using Biopython and multiprocessing together.


> Personally I'd try profiling the current single threaded code before
> going to multiprocessing.

yes, of course.

>> On the other hand, Biopython has the fastest uniprot XML parse
>> among Bio* projects and (to my knowledge) the fastest public
>> parser on the planet ;) I bet Uniprot guys have their parser...
> Which of the other Bio* projects have a Uniprot XML parser?
> (Or was that intended as a joke?)

It was both a joke and a matter of fact, since I don't know about other
publicly available parsers. Usually I look at a glass as half full...


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