[Biopython-dev] Changes to the main repo

Tiago Antão tiagoantao at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 12:59:31 UTC 2010


I've made some changes in the main repository (my first changes with
github), some comments:
1. Many thanks for the GitUsage wiki page. REALLY useful.
2. That being said, if I did any mistakes, they are my own fault.
3. I've added support for big genepop files, something I tend do be
asked quite a lot
4. And support for haploid data (nobody really asked this)
5. I remember Peter sending an email about needed corrections to the
code. I am afraid I've lost that email :( . If you send it to me, I
will do them ASAP
6. New test cases and test data files
7. I might add support, in the future, to Arlequin (file format and
application). Allowing for statistics over sequences and other goodies
with sequence data.

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