[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2269] Shebang (hashbang) lines need cleanup

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------- Comment #7 from biopython-bugzilla at maubp.freeserve.co.uk  2007-07-13 11:17 EST -------
I have just fixed a few in CVS, here a list of remaining abnormal
shebang/hashbang lines:

biopython/Bio/EUtils/POM.py     '#!/usr/bin/python -i\n'
biopython/Bio/EUtils/DTDs/LinkOut.py    '#!/usr/bin/python\n'
biopython/Bio/EUtils/DTDs/__init__.py   '#!/usr/bin/python\n'
biopython/Bio/EUtils/DTDs/eInfo_020511.py       '#!/usr/bin/python\n'
biopython/Bio/EUtils/DTDs/eLink_020511.py       '#!/usr/bin/python\n'
biopython/Bio/EUtils/DTDs/ePost_020511.py       '#!/usr/bin/python\n'
biopython/Bio/EUtils/DTDs/eSearch_020511.py     '#!/usr/bin/python\n'
biopython/Bio/EUtils/DTDs/eSummary_020511.py    '#!/usr/bin/python\n'

The biopython/Bio/EUtils/*.py examples are interesting in that many of those
files are autogenerated from DTD files (using the dtd2py.py script I think -
but it doesn't seem to work on all of them).

Also, I don't think all the files under Bio/Restriction/*.py need a shebang,
and a large proportion of the unit tests have shebangs (but less than half).

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