[Biopython-dev] Reorganising the tutorial

Peter biopython-dev at maubp.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Aug 13 19:04:03 UTC 2007

Michiel de Hoon wrote:
> Peter wrote:
>> I'd like to expand the section of Chapter 2 on sequence input/output 
>> into an entire chapter (between the current Chapter 2 Quick Start and 
>> Chapter 3 BLAST).
>> Any comments? Suggestions for examples?
> By all means, go for it. I feel that sequence input/output is a big 
> enough topic to deserve a chapter of its own.

I've made the SeqIO section into a new chapter, and added some examples 
of using it to write files. If anyone spots any typos, please let me know ;)

I think we should update the SWISS-PROT and GENBANK sections of the 
Cookbook chapter to either mention Bio.SeqIO as an alternative to using 
Bio.SwissProt and Bio.GenBank directly for parsing the files. Any comments?


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