[Biopython-dev] help test the new open-bio anonymous source code server

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Tue Mar 14 14:41:34 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

Apologies for the cross-post. I need some help testing out a new open- 
bio server

The new server is http://code.open-bio.org and it has been purpose  
built to replace our existing anonymous CVS server (cvs.open-bio.org,  
etc. etc.)

In addition to anonymous CVS, this new system also offers anonymous  
rsync mirrors of all our source code.

For security reasons (the anonymous CVS pserver protocol is  
considered insecure) we run these anon access methods on a locked  
down machine that only has a read only copy of the codebase. The  
webserver page (except for the viewcvs CGI) actually redirects to a  
wiki entry on a different server so we don' have to maintain a  
website on the new box.

The anonymous access repository is currently updated every 30 minutes  
from the main developer system.

Things I need help with:

  - check out http://code.open-bio.org -- does the documentation make  
sense? Can it be made better? If so, change it! (it is a wiki after  

  - please experiment with anonymous CVS, confirm that you can check  
out code

  - experiment with rsync! this is a new feature for us that we could  
not offer on the old server (due to upstream port ACLs on a core router)

  - provide feedback on the "speed" and bandwidth of the anoncvs  
server, does it seem reasonable?

Let me know what you'll think. The reason for this move is that one  
of our core hosting facilities (datacenter at Wyeth Research) is no  
longer going to be useable by us as they are changing their WAN links  
in such a way that our servers will not be able to directly access  
the internet. We are in the process of moving *every* open-bio.org  
service onto new hardware located in a different datacenter.

Our mailing lists have already been migrated, websites are moving as  
well. Expect some big changes once we tackle the task of moving all  
the developers and the writable CVS repositories to the new  
datacenter - that will happen probably within the next 2 weeks.

Chris Dagdigian

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