[Biopython-dev] hey biopython devs ...

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Sun Mar 12 12:25:02 UTC 2006

One more option to throw into the mix --

bioperl and other projects are moving to wiki based websites with  
blog engines to handle news posts etc. So far the effect has been  
very positive. I think your quixote system could be converted as-is  
to a mediawiki site fairly quickly.


On Mar 11, 2006, at 4:41 PM, Iddo Friedberg wrote:

> Thanks Chris.
> I understand the Biopython site is based on Quixote, which  
> personally I
> always found rather flummoxing. I see three options:
> 1) Getting someone to move the site "as-is", Quixote & all. I don't  
> really
> know how to do this.... Michiel?
> 2) Migrate to another web content management system. I favor Plone,
> personally. I am willing to work on this, but I will not be able to  
> get
> around to it before Thursday or Friday and possibly only Monday next.
> 3) OK, two options.
> Bst,
> Iddo
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> On Sat, 11 Mar 2006, Chris Dagdigian wrote:
>> Some server and site news for you ...
>> Our hosting time at Wyeth is coming to an end very shortly which now
>> forces us to greatly speed up our planned transition to the new OBF
>> server hardware sitting in our other Boston area datacenter.
>> I've just completed moving all mailing lists off of the old
>> portal.open-bio.org server. All OBF lists are hosted off of "http://
>> lists.open-bio.org" now and the python lists were the last to be
>> moved (a few minutes ago).   Until biopython can move its website to
>> the new server, the website will no longer be on the same machine as
>> the mailing list and mailing list archive. I've left behind aliases
>> on the old server to catch and forward list related messages.
>> This brings me to the other issue -- moving your website. Can you
>> elect someone among yourselves to work with me on moving
>> biopython.org entirely over to the new servers? I want to be able to
>> work with someone who knows where everything is and can test things
>> out once the transition is complete.
>> Regards,
>> Chris
>> OBF
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