[Biopython-dev] [Bug 1715] Bio.Blast.NCBIStandalone does not support standalone NCBI RPS-Blast (rpsblast) output

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Marking as fixed - as long as you use XML output, not plain text.

See also Bug 1933 which fixes standalone blast XML iteration, and has some
examples attached using rpsblast output.

I have checked in a new "rpsblast" function to Bio/Blast/NCBIStandalone.py
based on the existing "blastall" and "blastpgp" functions.

However, this will by default call standalone RPS-BLAST with the option -m 7 to
produce XML output.

See Bio/Blast/NCBIStandalone.py revision 1.60


NOTE - BioPython does not currently support the "plain text" default output
from standalone rpsblast, especially for multiple queries.

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